Application for the James L. McKenzie Award and List of Demonstration Events by Province


Amount:  Up to $1,000

Deadline: April 17

Recipient: Canadian Premier Highland Dancer

Awarded: At the ScotDance Canada Championship Series

History of the James L. McKenzie Memorial Fund

This fund was set up to honour Mr. James L. McKenzie, of Aberdeen Scotland.  Mr. McKenzie was instrumental in introducing to, and developing in Canada the techniques of the Scottish Official Board of Highland Dancing.

The intent of the fund is to assist in the development of a promising dancer who displays not only the competitive spirit, but community spirit, as well as a love and enjoyment of, and dedication to Highland Dance. While competitive achievements will certainly be considered, other factors will also weigh heavily in the selection process. Guidelines for the award have been set to give dancers equal opportunity to win the award.

Monies for this fund are acquired through donations (provincial or personal). As well, 1% of all ScotDance Canada’s portion of dancer registrations collected is allocated to this fund.

Award Criteria:

 1. Award is open to any Premier dancer registered with ScotDance Canada who is in good standing.

2. All candidates must perform a 6 step Tribute at a competition to be designated by the Provincial ScotDance Affiliate.

3. The award money should be used to further highland dance commitment (e.g.: attending workshops, travelling to competitions, highland dance instruction, new dance outfits, etc )

 4. Candidates must demonstrate on application how they have contributed to their community as a result of their dancing and other associated pursuits.

 5. There should be quality in the candidate’s application, i.e. Candidates must show that they have spent time thinking about their application, taking time to put their thoughts into words that clearly detail their experience and commitment, and are appropriate for their age.

6. They must show how highland dance has had an impact on their life.

7. There should be evidence that the candidates took time to research Mr McKenzie and to find out who he is.

8. Applications are to be sent by email to each Provincial committee chair. They are to be in PDF format and application should be complete including letter from instructor.

9. Age groups will be determined on a yearly basis, therefore the scholarship amount will be based upon these groups.

10. Any dancer, who has previously won as per the official scholarship list, is not eligible


See official application form for complete details.